mardi 17 septembre 2013

Boitatou and A Butterfly Fairy

By Marlena

I'm always looking for a gift box for that special occasion.
You can never seem to find the right box at the right time.
I decided to create a box that I can use in the
future as a gift for a family member for friend.

Maybe I will even use the box itself as a gift.
It is a good size box to set in a place
to store trinkets or other small items.

My fairy is from Mo's Digital Pencil,
Baby Butterfly Fairy.

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6 commentaires:

  1. That fairy is just soooo cute!!! She looks like she is sitting in a field of flowers and pearls, a girl's dream!!
    Really nice Marlena!!

  2. Véry nice, i love the die in the middle

  3. loved it! so cute! the little fairy is perfect!